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Straight Up! A Comparative Study on Bassoon Postures and Straps, and Potential Impacts on Sound Quality

Status: Ongoing
Phase 1: Completed
Phase 2: In Process

This study analyzed a bassoon student performing Mozart’s bassoon concerto to investigate how playing posture (standing and sitting) and different styles of suspending accessories (seat straps and harnesses) can impact body posture, movements, intonation, and timbre, and consequently, learning and performance. This investigation is the first step to developing comprehensive guidelines for future research. Bassoonists and instructors will benefit from research-based data on how bassoon playing is impacted when using different suspending accessories when standing or sitting and possible solutions to solve related implications.


Fostering Music Performers in the 21st Century: A Contemporary Professional Perspective toward a New Curricular Agenda for Graduate Study in Music

Status: Completed
Doctoral Dissertation - 2021

What if the core curriculum for graduate students in music performance were designed to prepare students to succeed in the world of the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

This dissertation offers a hypothetical answer: a structured and systematic academic curricular framework for music graduate students of performance of concert music (especially those in terminal degrees, such as doctoral students), along with music instructors, professional music performers, school administrators, and college professors, seeking to prepare such students for achieving and maintaining a music career more in keeping with the current work environment, especially those skills demanded by the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the current cultural moment. Syllabi designed by the author for the proposed curriculum are included. This research is supported by various studies: of the Paris Conservatory, the first state school created during the period of the First Industrial Revolution; of the curriculum of selected outstanding current institutions in the United States; and an analysis of a comprehensive bibliography of recent publications on the topic of the skills needed by current performers of concert music. The conclusion advocates the development of a new curricular area in music performance: “Professional Musicianship.”


Digital Literacy Educational Technology in Music Performance Training - Ph.D. Project

Status: Ongoing

Phase: Literature Review 

Image by Tom Hermans


Bassoonist & Researcher

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