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Sample Syllabi

Below are possible disciplines (five courses per area) that graduate students and professional musicians might study in order to be more prepared to navigate 21st-century demands. The two areas addressed are:

  1. Career Development

  2. 21st Century Performance Skills

All sample syllabi designed for this section only offer guidance to inspire the instructors to elaborate their classes. The grading system, assignments, evaluation processes, points and distribution, schedules, deadlines, external activities, university policies, and further course criteria must be planned and executed considering the institution’s needs, its academic calendar, and the vicissitudes of the semesters.

Career Development

  1. Today’s Musician 1: A Professional Guide

  2. Today’s Musician 2: A Professional Guide for College Professors

  3. Orchestral Entrepreneurship

  4. Music, Gigs, and Money Seminar

  5. Chamber Music Management

21st Century Performance Skills

  1. Practice Strategies for Musicians: Science and Psychology of Music Performance

  2. Creative Performance Laboratory

  3. The Digital Performer

  4. Recital-Spectacle Laboratory

  5. Performance and Wellness

Sample Syllabi by Andre Januario
Download PDF • 393KB

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