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Notas - A Music Performance Magazine

A Music Performance Magazine

Written by and for Performers

What a time to be a performer! In 2020, Covid-19 hit the world. Suddenly, this pandemic closed theaters, shut down orchestras, forced music instructors to move to online platforms. We witnessed a virus coercively teach many performers to set up a microphone and record themselves as part of virtual ensembles worldwide. Undeniably, the past year was not a molto allegro season for us, artists. However, many of us learned or found out alternatives to overcome this ungodly period. Colleagues from different continents developed initiatives to interact with other musicians. Masterclasses with renowned artists became more accessible. Some musicians and institutions found out that rehearsals and online performances were possible, even considering its limitations. Many classical musicians realized that it was necessary to jump from the 19th century to the 21st century.

These numerous projects inspired this magazine. But why design a music magazine focused on performance? Once anyone can create their own blog or website, why should we, music performers, team up and concentrate our efforts to develop a digital magazine/blog to talk about music performance?

Unlike musicologists and music educators, traditionally, performers tend not to cultivate the habit of writing or documenting the learning processes, techniques, musical ideas, or professional experiences. One can argue that we do not write because we have to concentrate our efforts to play the best version of any Mozart concerto. After all, we are always aiming for the next gig, competition, or audition; "we got bills to pay!"

Nevertheless, this magazine intends to break this paradigm. We want to encourage you, performer, to write. We want to offer a place where you can share your thoughts, professional experiences, knowledge, research, and perspective points. We are an "ensemble," and we want to play together. Notas Magazine is a stage where you can rehearse and perform your ideas. This magazine is a platform to help us, performers, spread our knowledge, amplify and project our sound outside of the section, outside of the bubble.


André Januário

Founder and Editor-in-Chief

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Bassoonist & Researcher

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