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Introduction to Brazilian Music for Bassoon


Hello there!

Welcome to my blog!

In this section, I want to guide you into the rich and dynamic world of Brazilian music for bassoon. It will be a trip without borders where we will explore the standard and non-standard repertoire, including folk and pop Brazilian music. I will also share with you some resources which I believe may be helpful to understand Brazilian music and its rhythmic patterns, harmonic and melodic structures.

"To premiere" this blog, I want to share with you some exercises I have designed recently.

These exercises were conceived to help foreign bassoonists (particularly my students in the US) to learn and become familiar with Brazilian rhythms. This first set of scales explores the "Samba and Choro" style, focusing on their patterns and variations. Later, we shall talk about how the Brazilian syncopation works (yep, it's quite different!) and, how we can approach it.

Check the attachments and download the exercises

I hope you enjoy them!


Scales_à_la_Brazilian - Pattern
Download PDF • 111KB

Download PDF • 141KB

Download PDF • 130KB


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